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Grangetown Boys & Girls Club is a youth club for 11-25 year olds. We have pool, table tennis, play station, a recording studio and soon we will be offering a range of qualifications ALL FOR FREE!!

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We are here!

We have an exciting, innovative programme of youth club activities. Find out more here.

Building Potential

We offer a range of programmes to help you collaborate, grow and thrive. This includes Sports Leadership activities. We encourage all of our young people to become volunteers, to participate in social action, to use their voice and share ideas. We'll offer you the chance to get involved, to shape our programmes and to make a difference to the lives of others.


gym Sessions & Sports Classes

Come along and use our state of the art gym for FREE. There are mixed fitness classes, classes for women only to exercise in a safe environment, and classes for males over 60. We have all the equipment you'll ever need to get (and stay) in shape. What are you waiting for!

Music Studio

Learn to play a musical instrument - from guitars to keyboards. Or learn how to use a microphone, create a podcast, use a 360 camera and editing software. Our space is fun, welcoming and creative. Come on over and discover your passion. We are waiting to meet you!


We offer a range of classes to build your skills, help you relax, make new friends and most importantly, to have fun. Our classes include healthy cooking, art, dance, and exercise. We also offer soft skills development and support to help you build confidence and find your future career.


Our state of the art gym has all the equipment you’ll ever need to get (and stay) in shape.

Music Studio

Everyone loves our music studio! We have guitars, keyboards, microphones, recording and editing equipment.  

Games Room

Our comfortable games room offers table tennis, pool tables, TV’s, a PS5, a duke box and comfortable sofas.

Grangetown Boys & Girls Club is a youth club for 11-25 year olds. We have pool, table tennis, play station, a recording studio and soon we will be offering a range of qualifications ALL FOR FREE!!

Our mission is to give hope and opportunities to children and young people in Cardiff so they fulfil there potential and leave prepared and excited about adult life. The boys and girls club team of youth professionals provides a safe, caring, youth-led in a disadvantaged in a city area, where young people can learn, develop and build towards a brighter future.


Open-access after school programmes takes place in our two storey-built youth centre in Grangetown.  Activities encompass sport, healthy cooking, music, art, skills development and career pathways.  Delivered by our experienced team, the work is child-centred and promotes enjoyment, collaboration and individually tailored support towards personal development. Young people are encouraged to become volunteers, participate in social action, and to use their voices to share their ideas, opinions, and needs, which in turn, helps us shape the youth programmes. 

Client Testimonials

“Growing up in an environment that didn’t have a lot to offer, Grange Boys & Gils Club and its opportunities really helped broaden my horizon…they helped me when no one else would. I don’t know where I would be now if the centre hadn’t been there for me.”
Ahmed, 18
"Grangetown Boys and Girls Club has helped me so much. They’ve given me the opportunity to express my musical ears and to give me opportunities to work alongside youth workers and industry professionals. The opportunities I’ve had here, I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. It gave me a chance to see what I could have as a career in music.”
Nevel, 15
“I never knew what I wanted to do with my life but now I know what it takes to be a sound engineer and a producer. I’ve started to further my education on these things and my knowledge has expanded. I want to pursue a career in music production and now I have the direction to do it. Grangetown Boys and Girls Club has helped me so much. The opportunities I’ve had here, I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.”
Makai, 14
“Grangetown Boys and Girls club is an exceptional Youth Project, which has earned respect for the work it delivers from the young people it serves, the wider community and the Council. It is located in an area of significant need, and it successfully engages and diverts young people (11 – 25 years) into positive activities. As an organisation it is constantly developing its staff and looking for new and innovative opportunities for their young members and the staff have excellent engagement and outreach skills. … Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around Grangetown Boys & Girls Club and talk to us – it was so brilliant and everybody left really buzzing about how good it was! We all came away feeling inspired and so pleased we were able to visit such an incredible organisation delivering amazing support.”
Joff Carol chief Executive Boys & Girls Clubs of Wales
“I knew how important Grangetown Boys & Girls club was before, because I never had to worry about what I would have to do in half-term and I always knew my daughter was learning new things and interacting with people. But the Coronavirus food service became more personal, the relationship is much deeper, the appreciation is much deeper. It is like a family, a deep-rooted community belonging. It’s not just a youth centre, it is a community belonging and safe-haven. I am really happy, appreciative and I am really grateful.”
“Grangetown Boys & girls club is a fantastic initiative and we commend you and all of your team for the brilliant work you’re doing.”
"Grangetown Boys & Girls Club for the children is home from home. I say that they are my son’s second family. The staff, the encouragement, the mentors, the group work. Young males growing up in the urban community, they can see there’s more to life than the environment we’re living in. There’s opportunities and it makes their minds more focused, you live what you learn. When you go through the doors at Grangetown Boys & Girls Club it’s like a safe haven. The club for me has been a life saver.”

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